Snake 1

Eddie Rodriguez ( 1957 – )

Snake 1, one of the original members of Writers Corner and United Graffiti Artists, started experimenting with graffiti at the young age of thirteen. In the 1970’s the tag TAKI 183 caught his eye; he began noticing it around the neighborhood and then throughout the city.

Eventually, the Puerto Rican artist began tagging his name SNAKE 188 on street pole lights, mailboxes, and then anywhere he could get away with it. However, he later changed his tag to SNAKE 1, deleting any reference to his street address in order not to get caught by police.

After gathering a following in the streets of NYC, Snake 1 and his writing partner STITCH 1 started Writers Corner 188. It was a place for writers to hang out and exchange stories.

After hitting the buses and trains, Snake 1 transferred his works onto canvas, which led to many of his pieces being displayed in galleries affiliated with United Graffiti Artist Organization.

Snake 1 is known for his “KING OF ALL SNAKES YA DIG!”, and has worked on all IRT and IND lines. Snake 1’s work was exhibited at the first ever graffiti show, Razor Gallery. He continues to be active today, painting on canvas, creating murals, participating in large group shows across Europe, etc.